New Feminine Genius

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New Feminine Genius Immersion!


As we look around in politics, in business, in classrooms, and situation rooms, we see the face of leadership shifting under the radar. There has been a visible and audible change of face and voice slowly ebbing in over the years. Feminine leadership has been finding its place in all levels of society. Humanity is making its way back to fairness, to caretaking, to compassion, to balance, and to timeless wisdom and peace. 


This way of leading can bring potent solutions to the world but for most of us still lays dormant within. The time has come to recognize the value of the skills and knowings that are unique to the original feminine blueprint. 


It is time for each of us to tap in, reach into ourselves and open the gates  to the brilliance that is ours. Whether for use at home, in our relationships, in nurturing our next generations or for starting new initiatives and carrying out sacred missions, our individual and collective genius is ready to emerge and be seen and heard.


You are invited to join us as we immerse together in our inherent power and realize the magnificence within. There is potency in the synergy of being together – genius amps up where two or more are gathered.


Come discover your feminine genius with us!



All aspects of life and work have evolved into different ways of being now that suit the current climate. New feminine genius draws from the future, rather than from patterns of the past. She understands the power of community and heart coherence and co-creation for synergy. She gets the power of integration. She can juggle and balance at the same time. She receives as she gives. She is multi-perspectival. Insightful. Heart-centered. Wise. She knows there is more than one way….more than two ways, and the third way is often the best. She is circular over hierarchical. She can collaborate without losing her identity. She harmonizes, she restores, she heals all the way to the bottom line. She treasures life. She uplifts and renews as she creates. She embodies positivity, inspiration, ingenuity. She is open and sovereign. She’s whole. She’s evolved.


The NFG is real. She exudes authenticity – her real desires, her real voice, her real expression are paramount for fulfillment and success that will ripple forward to family, community, and sacred mission into all work and projects that follow. 


SHE BRINGS inspiration and flow in place of competition. She is inclusive and co-creative. She brings diplomacy, resourcefulness, and solutions.


The New Feminine Geniuses are synthesizers, recognizing the value to the whole that each can add. We are not afraid to share or to be together – to allow the emergence of the impulse of life itself to arise amongst us…knowing that all offerings bring brilliant synergy. We are alchemists — we blend rather than divide. We assimilate rather than splinter. We hear the cries and know how to feed souls. We have heart intelligence – we operate from the inner wisdom of the heart, the mother heart that has raised humanity from its origins. We know how to connect rather than monopolize, and how to inspire rather than control.  We have the inherent ability to vision – to see, to know what is not visible. 


We can illuminate the darkness. And see the long game and inspire humanity forward toward that. We have the courage to allow the new. 


Our inner knowing is not afraid of love in work, in planning,

or in problem-solving.


We heal, we re-instate the beauty of creation. We bring the light. We keep humanity loved. We make choices for the good of the whole. We KNOW what matters.


These are skills that can be cultivated and honored for wholeness in life and mission. It will take taking it seriously and honoring our inherent blueprint – the New Feminine Genius that is back again.


These are but a few……..and the qualities of the NFG are immense.



Deeper consciousness practices open the gates for brilliance to arise and be recognized. There is a world of frequencies that make up our energy fields and how we manage our fields brings huge advantages to your life and work. It is about whole spectrum mind & body integration. It brings top health, it opens up ingenuity, it brings flow to your missions. 


We can cultivate practices to achieve this balance in our minds, bodies and spirit. Your energy field is your calling card. People feel your field before they ever know your name! You can easily learn how to anchor the frequencies that you choose into your mind, body and energy field. These practices supercharge your unique genius – giving you amplified capacity to navigate in life.  


Think about your own Feminine Genius that you’ve glimpsed in your life.  Maybe you’ve realized the ability you had to nurture others, to support them when they needed it – to be there and recognize the life impulse in them and to love them and to encourage them. Your superpower. Maybe it was your ability to speak with enthusiasm that inspires others. Maybe you’ve had an intuition or a knowing along the way. Whatever it is for you, it is to be recognized ~ to be truly honored.


Know that these qualities can ultimately contribute solutions to the world. These are qualities that are coming back into the classrooms, boardrooms, and situation rooms  – as humanity itself is finding its way back to sanity, now.


Ask yourself – which of your Feminine Genius qualities is wanting to be expressed lately – has been nudging to be finally heard, to become visible on your path ahead?


What sector of life and mission is beckoning you now? The impulse of life, of human evolution, is always guiding our attention to what is next. What matters is that you allow yourself to see.


What is new in your heart?  What is new in your vision of the future?  Your heart connects to the collective – always to the global in one way or another.  


This is your humanitarian contribution to make. It is connected to the new genius that is wanting to arise and be in the world now.


There is so much more to learn about embodiment practices and managing your energy fields and interactions with others. About unleashing your inner genius. 




Join us in the upcoming series ~

Unleash, Embody and Apply Your New Feminine Genius! 


Tap back in to yourself, feel the pulse of your soul and your alignment with what you are meant to do. Feel the uniqueness you bring to the world – recognize it, honor it, express it and bring it to the world! Blossom in the ways that matter most now – in the ways that will sprout your own contributions with powerful synergy into the world.



Here is a look at what you can expect in:

Unleash, Embody and Apply Your New Feminine Genius!



MODULE ONE: Unleashing Your New Feminine Genius

The greatest gifts of your genius likely still lie dormant within you. Wouldn’t you like to know? How would it feel to experience the blossoming of your unique capacities in the next chapter of your life? Whether it be a singular level of creativity, compassion, a way with words or a way with people, a spark of humor that brightens the world or even a hidden talent you never let yourself recognize before – those perceptions, the insights, the ability to balance and collaborate to get things done…..the time has come to finally identify, nurture and unleash our feminine genius!  

  • Why the integral blueprint of feminine genius was designed for humanity
  • Waking up your genius in this evolving era – don’t leave yours untapped
  • Opening up to the world of synergy ~ you don’t need to do it alone anymore
  • Characteristics of the New Feminine Genius
  • Identifying the sparks of feminine genius within you
  • Balancing at 4 levels of consciousness
  • How to calibrate wholeness in your life
  • Getting clarity on what you want more of and what you need less of?
  • The key in your biofield that puts you at the top of “follow the leader!”
  • Changing your relationship with change itself
  • Choice as the greatest evolutionary tool of all
  • Experience deep reflections and mind/body catalysts for acceleration



MODULE TWO: Embodying Your New Feminine Genius

Discovering hidden aspects of your genius will be revelatory! The next step isn’t to only lie back with a fruity drink, but rather to put your mind and body to work together on your behalf. The feminine genius not only inhabits your mental plane but your body and your senses supercharge your abilities. On the physical plane, your body is made up of frequencies and has an intelligence of its own. The acuity of perceptions and judgements are made sharper through the integration of mind and body. This biological union brings brilliance to your life and work. (Oh, and your mood is about to change!)

  • How to use the invisible superpowers of frequencies, vibrations and your biofield   
  • Ditch your digital profile (along with those old calling cards), this is what others are actually really paying attention to
  • The foolproof secret to letting go that you have never heard before
  • Why your sensitive energy field is your best friend
  • Manage your boundaries while remaining open, confident and serene
  • Realize the paramount effect and outcome of balancing the energies of giving and receiving in love, work and life
  • Explore alignment tracking in all areas of your life
  • Hacks to repattern from negativity to positivity
  • Experience an energy embodiment of your most beneficial and constructive frequencies.
  • An energy ritual that will make your day 
  • Anchoring in mind and body for integration and illumination


MODULE THREE: Applying your New Feminine Genius

So, I’m a feminine genius ~ what now? Where do I take it? What do I do with myself?

Now that you have identified and embodied new facets of your feminine genius, what can you do with them? How will you take these gifts into the world? Your uniqueness comes from the original blueprint at your birth that was meant to be shared with humanity. As we each step into our authenticity, we balance and fulfill our specie’s biggest picture. Your feminine genius is meant to be seen and heard and connected. This is the purpose and the realization of who you are that the impulse of evolution, of life itself wants. As you fulfill your purpose, you fulfill the world. It is meant to be.  


Join us for a very special experiential in realizing the universal impulse of life through the uniqueness of you in:


“Who Does the Universe Think You Are?”


This is an incredible and unique opportunity to embody the essence of our collective and ancient knowing on an intimate inner as well as an outer journey.


~ You are an antenna for the heart of the cosmos ~


Be in your most intensely alive state as you transcend and expand your inner knowing of yourself through a fully guided circle format.

Inspired thoughts will emerge from a rich, deep and sentient field as you come eye to eye with your absolute purest nature – beyond ego…to who you are, why you are here and what your part is in the grandest scheme of all.

This meditative journey reveals facets of your feminine genius and purpose in life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive deep into the unleashing, the embodiment and the application of your new feminine genius!



3 Immersions:  August 11, 18 & 25

2pm Eastern ~ 90 minutes

$77 for the series

Register now to reserve your seat!