About Sheila Cash

For 25 years, Sheila Cash has shined the light on the invaluable connections within life and humanity from the micro to the macro. These decades of study and practices within the fields of quantum physics, metaphysics, sensory opening and multi-dimensional perception, energy medicine and what is possible within the phenomenal mind-body connection opened up an essential understanding of how to bring “big picture” wisdom into balance with our collective now moment.

At the top of the list of experiences in what it means to be human, she credits the raising of her 3 children. Often being referred to in those years as the “Earth Mother”, it was those little teachers that illuminated the depths of understanding of what it takes to guide the newest humans into our future. This led to a passion for profiling the New Human which also became the focus of her mentoring with futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard in the years before her passing. Immersion into no less than 7 different religions over a lifetime also brought clear insights of the common denominators of the human condition and the nature of our individual and collective purpose.

Her Super Conscious Think Tank brings refined focus to the singular elements of consciousness in the now that will lead to the embodiment of what humanity actually desires and how that determination will co-create our choicest future.

Sheila Cash is an author, speaker, and evolutionary catalyst in the fields of mind-body integration and conscious evolution at Evolve Your Life, LLC. Her #1 Bestselling books, "Evolve Your Life" and "Success Breakthroughs" co-authored with Jack Canfield profile the New Human - who we need to be in this rapidly evolving age of unprecedented new challenges.

The "New Human Master Coach", Sheila empowers clients and groups to expand all parts of their lives into alignment with the conscious universe. She co-produced the Creatrix Convergence Summit - 35+ Feminine Leaders speaking their stories, messages and inspirations of empowerment from all sectors of life, and has facilitated numerous deep discussions on the topics that matter most to humanity through Unity Earth, World Unity Week and
many other global organizations that seek peace and upliftment for the planet.

A quintessential realist, Sheila brings penetrating insights to simple revelations. The message that shines through all aspects of Sheila’s work is;

“Above all treasure life…from the micro-missions that every single cell of your body actualizes, to the lessons and life you got to feel for those who have passed, to your actions that prepare life for those who are yet coming, behold it all - this life, your life, every life together within the radiant consciousness of nature and our planet and beyond. Point your unique passion and purpose towards this, and together we shall not fail.”