"Your future wants to speak through you. Let it."

"The better you know yourself, the clearer the choices in your life become."

"You have the capacity to find the unprogrammed you, the unburdened you."

"Meaning is not a landing place. It’s not static. It’s not a destination. It is a dynamic, symbiotic process of realizing why we’re here."

"Here’s to a renewed discovery of the vast magnificence that becomes you."

"What if you’d never been given answers? What ideas or knowing might emerge from within you?"

"You are born with infinite potential and infinite paths of purpose, rather than only one pre-chosen path."

"We can learn the most from people we understand the least."

"You are a change agent, whether you realize it or not."

"Enlightenment is open-mindedness. Coming to only one conclusion is an attempt to make the infinite finite."

"Your life is not a series of meaningless moments thrown together."

"You have meaning to make and purpose to realize."


“This book is written for those of you who seek broader ideas about truth and purpose.
It is for those of you who thirst for meaning that resonates in your soul. It is for those of you who want to lose your fear of the unknown.”


Sheila Cash is an international teacher and spiritual mentor, author, speaker, and facilitator in the fields of human potential and conscious evolution. She has founded numerous progressive groups on the development of universal perspectives and expanding sensory capacities. She uses an integrated blend of ancient and contemporary modalities from science, psychology and philosophy to guide clients into innovative inquiry and practical exploration into life’s mysteries.Sheila coaches groups to see how all parts of their lives fit seamlessly into the conscious universe.


A visionary and original thinker, she puts the pieces of the puzzle of life into one place to relate the bigger picture – why you are here, what your purpose is, and what life is really all about. Connecting equally with your mind and heart, she transcends the standard how-to manuals for self-help, and awakens an understanding of how our collective evolutionary path can bring genuine alignment to our individual lives.Sheila is redefining spirituality in a comprehensive and integral way for those she works with.

In the unfolding of deeper truths, she synthesizes a new understanding of reality, illuminating authenticity and purpose along the way.Sheila navigates with unconditional acceptance and sees the humanity in all those she encounters. And she delights in the increasing unfoldment of our global community, and in the connections with people that she makes every day.



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