You’re invited to join Sheila Cash for a year of healing in… 

Cellular Consciousness for the New Human

Join Sheila Cash for a year of healing, as she takes you through revolutionary journeys into mind-body consciousness and transforms negative energy through techniques based on the sciences of epigenetics and neuroplasticity.

Evolve Your Life

Evolution has now become as much about individual process and progress as it is about that of humanity.  Presenting her thoughts in her book, “Evolve Your Life”, Sheila will take students through her courses starting in January 2018.

You can download a free chapter of Sheila’s book in the form below. You will also receive details of the courses, and upcoming events.

Jack Canfield’s comments on Evolve Your Life

“There is so much wisdom in this book – it jumps out of the page. I’ve read a lot of books about what is truth, what is life, what it’s all about, and this book contains a ton of really valuable information. It uplifted me, it made me go, ‘Ah, that makes sense.’ It’s a great book. Make sure you check it out.”

Jack Canfield,
Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

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Evolve Your Life: Rethink Your Biggest Picture Through Conscious Evolution

By Sheila Cash