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Here’s how the ICONA Path is different from anything you might have seen or tried before:


The ICONA Path is a proprietary program that is is rooted in science and principles of epigenetics and neuroplasticity that provides life-changing empowerment. It gives you the rare opportunity to reach your consciousness at the cellular level. Comprehensive techniques are woven into the program that dovetail with each other to cover many angles of transformation.

Many self-empowerment programs start, and stay, at the surface dealing with obvious issues - trouble with weight loss, lack of sleep, stress - yet they avoid getting to the subconscious programming at the cellular level. This will continue to cause the never-ending cycle of jumping from one program to the next, one book to the next, and one seminar to the next without any real progress.

The ICONA Path addresses your whole self at 5 levels. This enables you to get off the emotional (and expensive) roller coaster of self-help programs and finally embody the healing empowerment you’ve been craving.

True and lasting change at this level takes consistent and dedicated practice for cumulative results. The ICONA Path stays with you for a full year, guiding and supporting in your personally directed revolution in healing.

There is much emphasis on connecting with others and connecting with universal wholeness, but we can’t actually bring effective spiritual balance to relationships outside of ourselves until we are able to connect with and balance our deeper inner selves.


Are you ready to FINALLY make big changes for yourself?


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Format #1 Content

>> Guided Journeys
(Higher Level Consciousness)

You will be taken on Deep Guided Cellular Journeys as you lie back and relax - these are focused meditations into your own micro-level intelligence where cellular superpowers support you. These deep somatic guided journeys also include breathing practices, theta meditations, profound gratitude infusions, and uniting your mind-cellular connection for profound sensory awareness. They have been called “poetry for your cells.”

Included are: Recharge/Metabolism, Anti-Aging/Hormones, Renewal/Skin, Whole Brain-Heart Coherence, Balance/Adrenals, Strength/Immunity, Unity/Microbiome, and many more.

Format #2 Immersion

>> Transformation Practice

You'll get to immerse in Transformational Empowerment Practices - these live sessions with Sheila are a discovery into rerouting old perceptions held in the cells to pure positivity throughout your mind, body and environment. Your renewing choices become your easy default filter in daily life, directing your future exactly as you’ve always wanted. You will attune to a more resonant, authentic and positive level of yourself than ever before.

Format #3 Community

We invite you to be a part of our warm and welcoming community of like-minded evolutionaries - new humans.

Gain exclusive membership to the ICONA Path Facebook Group - to continue daily anchoring and transformation with other New Humans.

Here you will: 1. Gather with other members for collective inspiration and encouragement
2. Have the opportunity to work with live practice partners 3. Process with others who share a resonance for this work.

For a remarkably small investment, you'll experience lasting revelations and continual benefits.

A profound new relationship with your body, ability to make the right choices with ease, a default consciousness of sheer positivity and a rerouted future of your greatest design.

All yours. This year. It’s time.

Full Course Overview

Here's a break-down of our exclusive ICONA Path training course that guides you to a new relationship with your health and your life.

  • 40 Weekly live online immersions with deep somatic guided journeys also include breathing practices, theta meditations, profound gratitude infusions, and an integrating mind-cellular connection for profound and healing empowerment.
  • Guided journeys are paired with transformation practices that take you from old blocks and stagnating patterns to your most resonant future igniting the best you that is meant to be!
  • A supportive year-long group program with seasonal breaks over the holidays.
  • Epigenetics: You will be turning on your good genes with every session! And you will reroute your neural grooves through neuroplasticity for a default consciousness of purely positive choice making for the exact outcome that you have dreamed of.
  • Weekly materials provided: Reinforces current training and provides highlights to jumpstart your process.
  • Gather with other members for collective inspiration and encouragement. Enter into powerful synergistic group anchoring meditations.
  • We will create the most optimized conditions for you to consciously direct your own life through cutting edge somatic practices based on research from the fields of epigenetics and neuroplasticity.

PLUS when you register, you automatically receive many BONUSES!
*Exclusive audio “Becoming a New Human” - a beautiful, full guided meditation on stepping into the New Human in You! (scripted with Barbara Marx Hubbard - "the voice of conscious evolution")
*Get the Guide - “What You Need to Know about Anti-Aging, Longevity and Cellular Consciousness: Telomeres Unplugged”
*You’ll get the download to read the full edition that won Sheila Cash “Best Contribution” to Jack Canfield’s latest published anthology - “Welcome to the Age of the New Human”
*You’ll be invited to an Interview with an Epigenetics Expert on tools to work with your Cellular Intelligence
*“The New Human Codex” - Dictionary of terms

...Sheila is your steady guide."

“Sheila is a natural teacher and mentor with an unusual ability to encourage growth and expansion by bringing out the best in others, and in doing so, continually demonstrates the greatest expression of her own higher self. Sheila meets you exactly where you're at and serves as a steady guide and companion as you explore your own conscious awareness. Her non-judgmental, high-vibrational perspective allows for the deepest exploration of transformation that one is ready for. I've worked with Sheila in many groups over the years and can say that I have both witnessed and experienced profound shifts in conscious evolution and personal growth. Sheila's approach to teaching and her students sets a momentum forward that is invaluable on the path of anyone seeking personal transformation and an immersion in a light-filled life journey.”

Dr. Joshua Kai
Dr. Joshua Kai

"...You'll learn about your abilities..."

“Sheila was the best leader I ever had the pleasure of working with. She had a sense of organization, knowing just what to do and how to do it. She guided you to know more about your abilities than any other teacher I’ve been with over the years. I’m more confident in my abilities and I owe that to my time with Sheila. Just seeing her smiling face gave me a sense of love and compassion. There is something about her energy that makes you feel good about yourself. I learned so much from her.

My sessions with Sheila really opened my eyes to the way the world works. I owe so much to Sheila, I could never repay her enough for the positive effect she has had on my life.

Janie Daum
Janie Daum

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Regular price $999 - YOU SAVE $500!