Awaken the New Human Within You

A Year of Mentoring with Sheila Cash


What are you afraid of?   No…..really. What are you afraid of? 

Do you still wonder if you are good enough?  Worthy of that authentic relationship, the fulfilling career? Do you lie awake questioning why life doesn’t seem to reward you, even though you’ve been a “good” person, you did it all right?

Have you tried a million meditations, open churches, love fests, jazz fests and healing techniques?  You put in enough time on SuperSoul Sundays and TED talks to have earned your own doctorate by now?

Are you still disempowered?

You feel that all those gatherings, theories, practices are valuable up to a point but seem to be leading somewhere further… but where?

You want to experience insights that resonate in your gut, without reservation. But how?

You are held back by old conditioning, cultural beliefs and even ancient beliefs in ways that you don’t even realize.

These create obstacles to your relationship to life itself. You become victimized, held back, unable to break though, or feel a need to give up, settle for uninspiring jobs and relationships.  You don’t understand why life doesn’t give you a break, why life isn’t fair?  You were taught that things were supposed to be a certain way — fair work equaled fair rewards. Kindness should bring back kindness to you.  That there is that one heralded purpose that is aligned with your soul.

Despite many paths of faith and purpose available today, we are still buried in myth and fantasy and outdated cultural expectations. Making ourselves wrong, judging ourselves, rejecting ourselves at a deep level cuts us off from ever reaching inner peace and the fulfillment that comes from aligning with our authentic lives. These affect our ability to make choices that truly align us with our inherent purpose and fulfillment.  Our inner knowing and attunement to the leading edge of what’s evolving can bring many revelations.

Do you want to come to know yourself in a way that is above all the confusion and expectations?

Do you want to be able to recognize with clarity why your life went the way it did and how you can awaken to a brand new horizon?

Do you want to engage with life in a new way?

Do you want to honor your own unique essence?

Join Sheila Cash in a one-year mentoring journey to…

Awaken the New Human Within You

In our mentoring relationship, you will break through old conditioning and repattern your vibrational structure for a clarified new vista in your life. Through our discovery journey, insights and revelations come to bring understandings of yourself and your world.  We explore many “big question” subject areas in order to comprehend how it all works together on your behalf – and what it means in practical terms for your life.

A new humanity is emerging.  An entire shift of expanded perspectives are arising as we humans rapidly and collectively evolve. It is time to take your life to the next level.

Sheila will be beside you throughout the mentoring year to:

  Empower yourself as if for the first time! 

  • Discern the aspects of your consciousness that are no longer serving you
  • Uncover roles you are meant to embody at this time
  • Move into alignment with your true authenticity
  • Discover how spiritual courage and responsibility will activate your future
  • Gain an expanded perspective on your universal purpose.

The better we know ourselves, the clearer the choices in our lives become.

Mentoring with Sheila is for those of you who thirst for meaning that resonates in your soul. It is for those of you who want to lose your fear of the unknown. You will benefit the most if you are open to broader answers to the bigger questions and are ready to be inspired to leap beyond cultural norms and beliefs. If you can allow your mind and your heart to open, then these words are for you.

Here’s to a renewed discovery of the vast magnificence that becomes you.

Sheila Cash is an international teacher and spiritual mentor, author, speaker, and facilitator in the fields of human potential and conscious evolution.

She has worked with hundred of clients globally and founded numerous progressive groups on the development of universal perspectives and expanding sensory capacities. She mentors clients into innovative inquiry and exploration into life’s mysteries. Sheila is committed to spiritual truth without filters and is redefining spirituality in a comprehensive and integral way for those she works with. In the unfolding of deeper truths, she synthesizes a new understanding of reality.

A visionary and original thinker, she puts all the pieces of the puzzle of life into one place to relate the bigger picture to you – why you are here, what your purpose is, and what life is really all about.

Sheila coaches clients to see how all parts of their lives fit seamlessly into the conscious universe.  Connecting equally with your mind and heart, she transcends the standard how-to manuals for self-help, and brings an understanding of how our collective evolutionary path can bring genuine alignment to our individual lives.

Sheila navigates with unconditional acceptance and sees the humanity in all those she encounters.

Past students have shared about Sheila…

“Sheila relates the bigger picture in life to you – why you are here, what your purpose is, and what life is really all about.  She is one of the greatest visionaries that I’ve come across over the decades of my life.  …a true thought leader.”

“Sheila lays out our human potential in a brilliantly comprehensive and integral way.  She gently and warmly offers big answers to your big questions.”

“This mentorship is noble and incredibly practical and useful all at once  ~ I finally get the bigger picture of my life!”

“Her process transcends the standard how-to manuals for self-help. She unfolds a a synthesis of reality that is brilliantly useful in my life.”

“She exposed truths that are actually myths, and turns the whole concept of judgement on its head.”

“Working with Sheila brought a deeply embedded comfort to my life.”

“She brought me out of the loop of questions I’d been asking myself for years.”

Awaken the New Human Within You

Program Description:

Individual meetings will be on Zoom or Skype

You’ll experience 26 sessions throughout your mentoring year — every other week or on a customized schedule


  • Guided meditations
  • Accessing higher levels of consciousness
  • Practices for clearing and raising your energetic frequencies

Sheila will be by your side with customized support throughout the year. Your relationship with Sheila is one of trust and support. Together, you will unravel the truth of life…..

We will not immerse in more-of-the-same methodologies, but rather a leading evolutionary outlook that will bring more practicality and tangible results for your life. I don’t offer a one path fits all, believing that there is no one point of truth. Ours is tailored to who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go.  Paths are ever-changing and we can learn to ride with that tide rather than trying to hang on to one “rock”…this is one belief that trips people up – trying to find that one answer, that one philosophy that will cure their lives.


Sheila CashI invite you to be with me for a year of focus on you.

You will come to understand the bigger picture of your life… to attune more closely with truth… to quell the confusion.  You’ll learn to live in clarity, gratitude and wisdom, and to embrace every nook and cranny of your most authentic self.

We will look at your problems and obstacles as simply being pointers to which direction to go next.  We will identify what is aligning with your authentic values and more importantly what is not in alignment in your life.

There is currently a waiting list for a slot to open for the year long mentoring program.

Click here to schedule an interview to apply for the year-long mentoring program.  Sheila will cover the outline for the year, and you may ask any questions about the program.