Deep Cellular Gratitude Guided Journeys

These journeys into your cellular consciousness are like none you have ever experienced.

Cultivating this new level of body consciousness will imbue you a lasting fullness of gratitude, deep healing and true peace to your new relationship with yourself.

Messages from the Evolutionary Impulse

The evolutionary impulse is the original, intelligent energy that took physical form and began evolving to the current moment. It is the inherent inspiration that moves you forward in your life. This very unique practice is a channeling of the life force energy itself – bringing you insight, direction and revelation.

Unburdened Meditation

Be freer than you’ve ever been through this elevating experience. Many have called this “a life-changer.”

Evolve Your Life Book Discussions

Get ready for these discussions that tell it like it is!
An evolving world calls for new models of understanding. A timely and trans-formative blueprint for living consciously is unveiled during the course of these gatherings. Penetrating insights bring the grand design down to a personal level for participants. You will go on an illuminating journey of exploring the elusive questions of “what’s it really all about?” to put the pieces of the puzzle of life together. We invite you to discover to a whole new understanding of yourself in this ever-evolving world we live in.